Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Greatest Trick Satan Ever Played . . . Deepak Chopra and Carlton Pearson

Every now and then we need something to make us angry and digusted. Well, I have just the thing for you. Last night on ABC's Nightline, they had another in there series of debates called "Face Off". Last Night the topic was, "Does Satan Exist"? On the "pro" side was a former prostitute-turned-evangelist, Annie Lorbert; and a guy who is fast becoming one of my heroes, Mark Driscoll (Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA- see link on my sidebar).

On the "con" side, as you might expect was the elegant idiocy of Deepak Chopra and the apostate Carlton Pearson. Yes, evil does indeed make strange bedfellows.

So, put down anything fragile or anything you don't want thrown against your computer screen; in fact for the safety of your computer maybe you'll want to listen to this in another room! Follow the magic link and come back here to give your comments!!!

"Does Satan Exist"? an ABC Nightline "Face Off" Debate

Be Like the Bereans, Baby!!! (Acts 17:11)


Anonymous said...


You know I love you like a play cousin, but I can't click the link to watch that video. I saw Carlton "The Heretic" Pearson on a Dateline NBC show a few years ago and that was all I needed to know about his descent into theological irrelevance and (more than likely) permanent seperation from The Father.

And Deepak Chopra? What did we expect him to say..."believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation or perish"?

Sorry brother...I can't do it...I'm trying to learn to channel my righteous indignation, and this is not helping...

Keith L. Tolbert said...

LOL!!! I here you cuz! But if for nothing else, you should see our brother, Mark Driscoll, stand up for the faith once delivered to the saints!!!

Wesley said...

Watching this I was taken with how incredibly self-centered the detractors from the teaching of Scripture were. Deepak was intent upon giving man credit for all that is good and evil is just the dark-side of us that we have not made good yet. His attack on the Bible by quoting unverifiable information about the age of the universe and origins of life were incredible. I think the Driscoll described him perfectly when he said that Deepak was on this higher level of enlightenment and all others were primitive in his eyes. He seems to have had no trouble embracing the dark-side. He looks a little like Darth Vader with that coat. Carlton on the other hand shows the self-absorbed view that he is able to differentiate between what is true and false in the cannon of Scripture based upon his personal opinion and that alone.

The whole problem is they have a man-centered theology instead of a Christ-centered theology. Both of the deniers of the existence of Satan and the God of the Bible seem to think that man's good instead of God's glory is the purpose of the creation.

Driscoll did an excellent job of presenting the Gospel from many different directions as he responded to their absurdities. Good post Keith.

Anonymous said...

It is outrageously weird that some fundamentalists call Christian universalism and open theism “heresies” (especially when one considers that open theism is more in keeping with the concept of a dialectical God found in Judaism—Judaism being the religion of Jesus !)

Nowhere do any of the verses of the bible state that universalism , nor open theism are any “heresies” .

As a NON-fundamentalist Christian , I will always hope and pray that eventually every person will be redeemed by Jesus –or if not redeemed perhaps remediated). There may be some people who persist in some immoral behavior so tenaciously and severly that their souls may have to be destroyed partially and then have the elements of their souls reconstructed later –or their spirit somehow redeemed without the soul ..(perhaps serial killers and such might be included in such a prospect) .

Thank Jesus for universalist theologians !

Here below I am posting two articles that make the case that the use of terms like ‘heresy’ and ‘heretic’ in the New Testament epistles–should NOT be interpreted in the broad way that many ultra-Fundamentalists do…

The case is made that since in the epistles of Paul , where words such as ‘heresies’ and ‘heretic’ appear in the text…nowhere does Paul state explictly which specific doctrines are to be considered heretical , and since the only place in the bible scriptures where there is anything close to a definition of “heresy” is in the epistle of 2 Peter, where the author refers to people , ‘denying the Lord that bought them’ and NOT to Christian Universalism , open theism , or every form of unusual doctrine , but specifically to denying the Lord…and so the broad accusations that such and such a doctrine is “heresy” (that many ultra-Fundamentalists like to cast around) are playing fast and loose with the text .

I see that some have posted words to the effect that they were going to pray that Carlton Pearson stop supporting universalism and support a fundamentalist outlook . That is disgusting !

In light of how Jesus taught that ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’ and how that applies even to salvation , please do not pray that I become a fundamentalist. If it turns out that an ultra-Fundamentalist deity is running the universe (a different Deity than the Father of the Jesus who gave us the sermon on the mount)—then me becoming a fundamentalist and going to a fundamentalist heaven while other people (even nice people) are being tortured endlessly for not praying a Christian prayer prior to bodily death ..I would regard as a worse state of affairs than me being sent to a hell of fire and brimstone . It would be outrageously selfish for me to go to a fundamentalist sort of heaven —if there are people being tortured for an endless period of years .

If an ultra-Fundamentalist wants to send people to a fire and brimstone hell (or “allow” them to go there) where people are endlessly tortured —even nice people—then I’d just as soon rather try to persuade such a deity to to torture me instead *in the fire brimstone forever , rather than them and let the other people out of such a hell. If such an ultra-Fundamentalist deity maintains that such persons who have died without converting to Christianity are unworthy of heaven because of their sin or belief , then they could still be let out of that hell and sent to some other place that is *neither heaven nor a painfull variety of hell —that does not have any of the pleasures of heaven and yet does not have the pain and sufferring of hell—a neutral place of endless tedious boredom , or embarassment maybe .

Lisa said...
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Keith L. Tolbert said...

Got Scripture?