Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Gospel that Repels

Some time ago, I posted a series of blogs called: "Say 'ello to the Good Guys". Somehow I forgot to include this next gentleman. I have to thank "The Pilgrim" over at the blog, "Defending. Contending." for posting the following video of
Pastor John MacArthur.

If your pastor is not telling you this every Sunday, he is not doing his job . . .

You can slap me silly and call me "Shirley"; but somehow I don't think you'll be seeing Dr. MacArthur on TBN again any time soon. Just a hunch.

Be Like the Bereans, Baby!!!


Wesley said...

Great video. It captures the heart of the Gospel. This is clearly not the Gospel being preached across America today.

Keith L. Tolbert said...

Amen, Wesley (G&T)! And please, don't call me "Shirley".

John said...

Yes, that is a great video. Dr. MacArthur and Kirk Cameron are both blessings.

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