Friday, May 23, 2008

Same-Sex Anti-Marriage and Other Signs of the Apocalypse

Well, it is certainly good to be back! However, I now know how Moses felt. I go up to the mountains for a few weeks and when I come back all hell has broken loose! As I am sure you all know, our wacky neighbors on the "left coast" have decided that their state should recognize the homosexual's "right to choose" to become wedded (I can no longer bring myself to say "married" because that was God's invention and He did not design it for homosexuals). I guess I can't honestly blame everyone in Cali for this decision; after all it was just a bunch of "U.S. Constitutionally-challenged" justices who made the decision. Fret not, they will meet the Righteous Judge one day.

Again, politics is certainly not the warp and woof of this blog; however, a couple of items have come to my attention that simply must be shared. Short of a master stroke of "Bill-like" ingenuity on Hillary's part, the presumptive candidates for president this year will be: Barack Obama and John McCain. This places Christians on the proverbial horns of a dilema. Now, I would not dare attempt to use my blog to attempt to tell anyone who to vote for. I will, however, attempt to influence the reason for your vote.

My position is plain: Christians should not be beholden to ANY political party. As Christians we are to be informed about the candidates and support those whom we have determined (as best as we can) have taken a biblical stand for the issues that confront our country and communities.

I am very familiar with brothers and sisters in Christ who propose that we cannot disqualify a candidate because of his/her position on any one particular issue (it seems uncanny to me that that one issue is always abortion). Frankly, I think they are deceived. If the issue is "life", that is the one issue on which every other conceivable issue is founded upon. God evidently thinks that "life" is so important that He put a pretty strong fence around it . . .

"Whoever sheds the blood of man,
by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image"(Genesis 9:6).

Then of course comes the dishonest and ill-informed question: "duh, whose to say when 'life' actually begins?" As always, our gracious Father gives the definitive answer . . .

"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb"
(Psalm 139:13).

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you . . . (Jeremiah 1:5a)".

Can you handle the truth? A candidate who can't get the "life" issue right can't, from a godly perspective, get any issue right. Then of course comes the defense: "duh, well, you're never gonna find a perfect candidate". How about this, I'll take an imperfect candidate whose imperfection does not include being on the wrong side of the "life" issue!

You might now be thinking, " hey, this is a back door endorsement of John McCain!" Well, you are wrong. I personally think John McCain is like Miller Lite. Call him "Democrat Lite": Same taste as a regular democrat, but with half the guts to actually say so.

The last deception that I want to address is the the deception that "we must support someone who can actually win". Here, again, is where the "American" and the pragmatism is showing up in our Christianity. Whatever happened to being faithful? Why is "winning" the end all be all? Please define "win". Does "win" mean that the guy we voted for got the office or does "win" mean that despite the actual outcome of the election we were true to our God and to our Christian convictions? Is God less apt to complete His agenda because the guy we should be supporting can't "win"? Should we not vote for the more Christ-like candidate regardless of who "wins"? If Satan, himself, "won" the presidency of the United States would not God still be in control? Or is "God is in control" just a cliche'?

It's obvious that God is getting a lot of props during this campaign. Every candidate has made a point of reassuring us of his/her faith in God. Interestingly enough, neither Hillary nor Obama can force themselves to say that a woman carries a living child in her womb from conception. Even when the Bible which they quote and claim to believe teaches that she does. Even when cold science demonstrates this fact. Obama has famously stated that he wouldn't want his daughter to be "punished" with a baby should she accidentally become pregnant. And ol' Johnny Mac once stated that if he learned that his daughter were pregnant and wanted to have an abortion to ease her burden; he would have a family meeting with her and hope she would make the right decision. As Alan Keyes(McCain's opponent during the 2000 primaries)astutely challenged him, "what would you do if your daughter told you she was thinking about killing off grandma to ease the burden on the family"? You see, someone who is authentically "pro-life" will resolutely renounce the taking of innocent life no matter who it is.

That brings me to the real "back door" reason for this blog. There is a candidate currently running for the presidency of the United States of America who is consistently and unabashedly Christian in his stance on all the issues (most importantly "life") facing this country. I invite you to listen to this recent statement that he made and decide for yourself: have you heard this type of absolute Christian conviction from any other candidate you have observed? If you haven't, then why aren't you supporting him also?

Keyes' remarks to supporters following Constitution Party Roll call

Can Alan Keyes actually "win" the presidency of the USA? I'll put it this way: on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 both Alan Keyes and myself will have zero electoral votes. I'm not even running and I will almost beat him. The better question is: should Alan Keyes "win" the votes of Christians? My answer is "yes", what is yours? I will be writing in the name Alan Keyes on November 4, 2008. God will take care of the mess everybody else makes of this place.

Be Like the Bereans, Baby!!! (Acts 17:11)

Oh, by the way . . . Keyes is black too! Alan Keyes: America's Revival


John said...


I like the links! Keep up the good work. I look forward to your posts.

Theology in said...

keith this post was very thought provoking, as usual. alan keyes stance on abortion is definitely more "biblical" then any frontrunner...i do struggle with the roman catholicism of which motivates keys position...i wonder is idolatry a "lower sin" then murder :)?...

Keith L. Tolbert said...

Good point, Theology. Idolatry is definitely one of the top two sins actually, the other being pride.

There are, however, true Christians within roman catholicism just as there are true Christians in Word of faith Churches. I do know that Keyes does not walk lock-step behind the pope and had been known to disagree biblically with John Paul on various issues.

None of this, of course, defines whether he is a true christian or not, but it does show some fruit from where I sit.

Many Christians were coming to terms with voting for Mitt Romney who as a Mormon openly worships a blatanly false Christ. I can work with a guy who loves the same Jesus as I do; but may be a little confused as to the position that that Jesus' mother holds.

I would love to hear his thoughts on the protestant reformation. Who knows that might change my whole opinion!

Keith L. Tolbert said...

One other thing, Theology . . .

If not Keyes, who are we left with?
An avowed socialist who claims to faith I truly doubt.

A 20 year church member who (if you believe him) never heard a disparaging word his pastor said. And who thinks babies are a "punishment".

Or a "conservative" whose having to apologize for every liberal postion he's ever formerly embraced.

For me its Keyes or no vote.

Theology in said...

:D well put keith! you raise many good points. I agree many christians can be a member of a roman catholic church. just as many non-christians sit in the pews of reformed protestant churches.

LOLOLOLOL!!! @ "An avowed socialist who claims to faith I truly doubt."

...forgive me for saying this...but logically i dont think a "real" christian would actually make it that far in the bureaucratic process. the world is not designed to support such a "leader". everytime i vote i wonder if i should repent if i look close enough there is something seriously flawed and sinful in each and every platform. thank God he uses all things for His will and His Glory :).

Jesus Disciple said...

Thanks for posting my video, bro. :) Very cool.

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