Friday, April 11, 2008

Renouncing Their Pimp Card

Here's one for the readers. I often wonder, of all the "Pulpit Pimps" out there, who is the most likely to see the light? Which of them is most likely to recant their false teachings, forsake their vast fortunes and start preaching the Gospel?

I realize this is the height of wishful thinking; but let us not forget that God called a former persecutor of the church and made him the Apostle to the gentiles and author of two-thirds of the New Testament. The bottom-line is . . . no one is beyond the power of God to redeem. NOBODY.

So, if you were close to one of the "pimps" that we critique so often on this and like blogs and believe your ex-pimp will turn; tell us why. Perhaps you just have a hunch, who do you think would repent first and why? Dollar, Jakes, Osteen, Meyers? Who could possibly lead the way to a massive renouncing of "pimphood"?

Hey, it could happen.

Be Like the Bereans, Baby!!!


Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true monergist.


Keith L. Tolbert said...

You've got me pegged!

Speaking Truth said...

Very wishful thinking Keith. If the pimps renounce their "pimpistry" (or "pimp ministry" - thx Melvin), then they would also renounce their revenue streams, and that's asking alot (see some of my previous articles on the lucrative business of pulpit pimping.

These vipers will do almost anything to protect their business. It would take a visit from Jesus Christ Himself to get them to change their ways (their own "Damascus road" experience), and I still believe that some of them would rebuke Jesus as though he were the devil and still continue their apostate ways.

I still pray that all of them repent and return to their First Love...

John Bird said...

I wonder if their first love was Christ?

We're not to judge, but I'm not sure that Benny Hinn is really a believer at all. How could he be? But, thankfully, Christ can raise the dead.

I won't bet on the first, but would guess Benny to be the last.

Keith L. Tolbert said...

Thanks for reading, John.

Please don't fall into the politically correct trap of believeing that we are not to judge. That has too long been a misinterpretation of our Lord's words in Matthew's Gospel. We are not to judge self-righteously; but we are called to make just judgements.

You had to make some kind of judgement in order to know that Benny Hinn is not biblically sound.

The tree is judged by its fruit. And without the ability to make sound judgements we could not make a distinction between Hitler and the Apostle Paul.

No, we don't know with certainty the status of Hinn's soul; but his fruit of heresy and deception speak volumes!

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Lionel Woods said...

Hey Kieth I am going to send you a link in the next couple of days send me your email so I can put you on.

Now on to the post. It is funny how we are. We see Paul and our theology tells us that yeah God can save anyone what is even more funny is Paul's conversion was so powerful to him that he believed that God could and would save the worst of humans (which is all of us if we understand federal headship).

We however not only don't believe it but also don't pray for it. What we are really saying is that "God I was good enough, there was enough light in me for you to save me". Thus our hearts should really go out. I am going to post this on Black and Reformed and may add a little something to it. Thanks bro for pulling our hearts back to the theology we profess.