Saturday, June 02, 2007

All the Homers in the House Say, "D'oooh"!!!

My friend, the good Reverend Anthony Carter ( ) put me to shame recently. He was so kind as to mention the radio program that Pastor Michael Leach and myself host every Sunday morning on WNIV-970am in Atlanta. Thanks, Tony!

The name of the program is, "The Glory of the Gospel". Mike and I are striving to join the effort to bring the glorious gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ back to the forefront of American Christian consciousness . . . Help!!! I say that Tony shamed me because he has helped to publicize us when I have failed to do so. We've been on for a month now and I have said nothing about it on my very own blog. D'oh!!!

So at last, I invite you to tune to "The Glory of the Gospel" with Michael Leach and Keith Tolbert every Sunday morning from 9:30am to 10:00am on 970am, WNIV. If you live outside of the Atlanta area you can catch us on the web on during the program. We hope to also be available at (anytime) in the near future.

I'd also like to acknowledge Christian rap artists, "Christcentric". They are three reformed Christian brothers who are matching sound (and I mean, SOUND) Christian doctrine with Christ-exalting, creative hip-hop (something your "Boogie Down Bronx" blogger can truly appreciate). Their thought-provoking song, "Sufficiency of Scripture" will serve as our opening and closing theme for "The Glory of the Gospel" in the very near future. Please visit the "Christcentric" website and check out their music and their story.

Be Like the Bereans, Baby!!!

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